Greene R&D International, Inc.
Company History
    Greene Research & Development International Inc (GRDI) was founded in 1989 by David and Rosemary Greene. They have worked in and with many large businesses, including GE, Oracle, Cisco, NASA, BAE, NNC, Northrup Grumman, and UKAEA. Both entrepreneurs possess a broad and deep experience of development, application, and management of complex systems used in many technical industries. Contact GRDI at to discuss your application needs.

David and Tristan at the conference.


    David and Tristan recently attended the NI Week 2013 conference in Austin, Texas and held a technical session explaining development and operation of the BatScan system on Wednesday, August 7th.

The presentation, "How to Design Real-Time Prognostic Analysis
Systems for Monitoring and Damage Mitigation" can be viewed here:

The PowerPoint presentation shown, including more in-depth explanation of system concepts, can also be downloaded here.